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Pattern and Color Inspiration


David Hockney


André Derain


Henri Matisse


David Hockney


Henri Matisse


So Many Things To Share

I write this message in haste, because in less than 24 hours I will be boarding a cross-continent flight with my almost-two year old lap child, alone.  Did I mention alone?  Actually, the last time we did this, which was in March things went fairly smoothly.  We were stuck in the middle seat twice, which was a bit difficult, but our neighbors always proved accommodating. Let’s hope that happens this time.

So here is what is going on with My Quiet House during our travels:

1) I am putting the shop on vacation mode until I return, around mid-August.

2) I will be writing/illustrating around 7 letters, which I will be sharing with you here.  (I’ll take the photos from my phone, so the quality will be low, but you will hopefully get the gist of what I am doing.)

3) Four of the letters are already accounted for (We did this family project where we were each supposed to write a letter to every family member during one month.  I had March and I am a bit behind….oops!)

4) The other 3 letters/drawings I will be giving away (see below).

Here is the painting I am giving away today to the first person to share my post on Facebook.  The next three people to share my post on Facebook will get a drawing sent to them when I am on the road. I won’t be bringing my paints, so they will be most likely done in pen, but they will still be just as lovely.


À bientôt mes amis!!

shell pattern 72



Washing it all Away

Today has been tough.  We said good-bye AGAIN to another dearly loved person as she travels the continent pursuing her passion.  As a result, I’ve come to two conclusions:

1) I absolutely LOVE when the weather reflects the mood I am in.  Today I have felt a little sad, and stormy, but also hopeful.  The rain lightens and cools things and makes everything feel a bit dreary.  However, in Southern California, a cool summer rain is a blessing, or perhaps even a small miracle.

2) My daughter speaks a TON, however the word she is most fearless to use is “good-bye”.  She will freeze at strangers and curl up to me, however when they go, it’s always a cheerful “Good-bye!”  I attribute it to all the people who have come and gone and reappeared on Skype and then back in our lives again.  I think that she has become a bit callous to saying good-bye.  Either that or she is hopeful, because the people she love have always returned to her.

Yesterday I had a lot of free time and spent a good deal of it working on the painting I am going to share with you today.  It was an attempt to embrace the two sides of me: the controlled side and the carefree side.  The painting, to me, is a lot more complex than that, however that was my initial thought when creating it.  It is available for purchase at my shop.

In other stranger news, I have to go and get a “mole-check” tomorrow, a thing which I am terrified to do.  I think all of my anxieties about all other external factors in my life are pouring into the fear of me having a cancerous mole.  I cannot wait to have the exam over with.  I guess that is me being vulnerable with you.  (prayers are welcomed!)

white limbs 72


variety and a million other little things

It has been an interesting few days in my “studio”.  I posted this drawing yesterday, and I am not really sure what happened, but I didn’t get a chance to blog about it.  It is available for sale at my shop here:

embroidered flowers large  72


This was another study involving painting embroidery, which was very tedious and time consuming.   Afterwards, I sat down with my daughter and her crayons and did these little gestural sketches in crayon (except the one below), which was quite refreshing.  These are not items I have put on my shop and are done on cheap drawing paper, but I thought I’d share them with you anyways.


72 sketch 2


72 sketch 3




72 sketch 4

72 sketch 5


72 sketch 6




72 sketch 7





So, I had an interesting hypothesis about my artistic behavior, one of which I am trying to battle with.  I tend to vacillate between two polarities: extreme detail/monotony/care and whimsy/intuitive/carefree styles of work.  When I feel more pressure to make work, my work tends to become more controlled.  I am not sure which is best, but I enjoy both.  Below is a study I did in an attempt to embrace my more intuitive self.


I would love to know what you think.  Which style of work do you most prefer?  And which do you think is the most interesting/compelling?

This drawing IS available on my shop and can be purchased here

orange abstractions 72


I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


I’d love to write more, but I sorta promised my husband I’d make hime dinner.



Across the Divide

There is not a lot I want to say today.  Baby. Paint. Baby. Baby. Steve Martin strumming.  Hanging out with the hubs.  Endless ironing (yes, every so often people still iron and it is dreadful).


I love this.


I also love my drawing today…minus a few mess ups, which you can see. It is part of the process I suppose.  I really love the wiggly line, but the unintentional ink splot usually has me groaning. However, if I think about it another way, it is another sign of the work being handmade by a human, which I like.  These days everything is photoshopped and nipped and tucked, I find beauty in errors left exposed.


Anyways, I did this on my “art-for-free” paper (it came with envelopes), so that means I am giving this drawing away.  I will mail this little baby, (flaws and all) to the first person to share this post on Facebook.

hands reach 72

Existential Crises and Brotherly Visits

I hope this blog doesn’t feel like I am complaining all of the time.  It is an interesting balance to be open and honest, but not too… I dunno, narcissistic.  I guess it is my hope that I am having a silent conversation with the people that wander to my blog.  I feel your presence, even if you don’t comment (and no pressure).  

So-o, onto my existential crises.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed about how I want this blog and my shop to evolve.  The funny thing is, is that it is sort of happening organically, so what I really should be doing is taking a chill pill.  Isn’t that the truth though?  The minute things start to take shape and become a little bit clearer, we panic.  All because suddenly we are realizing the potential for this great thing to happen, yet it hasn’t happened yet.  

And then we want to control it.  

So, as a result of my extra anxieties, my ability to make art has become more difficult.  It has felt forced.



And this is the moment when I realize I need to say “thank you.”  

I don’t think I would have realized I need to let things go, unless I wrote it right now.

And I don’t think I would have done a drawing today, if I didn’t have you waiting, expecting, a drawing from me today.


So here is my offer: Even though it isn’t my favorite drawing,( and I’d like to stipulate this as a sincere offer and not a marketing ploy), I’d like to mail this drawing to the first person to comment on this post.



And I am currently surrounded by a room full of family, some visiting from out-of-town, so I will bid you all adieu and hopefully we will connect again tomorrow.

tambourine x pattern