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Pattern and Color Inspiration


David Hockney


André Derain


Henri Matisse


David Hockney


Henri Matisse


The Bunny Hop

I am sitting in our bedroom typing in my new office “nook,” which consists of an old fashioned school style desk, complete with lift up table, my desktop computer, my absurdly large printer, and three shelves.  It feels cozy, and practical.  It’s modest, but I see it’s potential.

The toddler naps, much to her chagrin.

The baby pushes his legs up into my ribcage and I groan.

For the most part, I am extremely uncomfortable.  I could digress, but it would probably just sound like a pity party.  Wah!

Okay, and done.

I am trying to convince myself to just start posting and publishing my new work, but I think I may have some anxiety/fear of failure that has subconsciously driven me to distraction lately.  Or maybe it truly is that I just have a lot of sleep-deprived “life” happening, and I am doing my best to just stay afloat.  Either one.

Needless to say, I am here again typing, so I consider that my small step in the right direction.

Last week I worked on photographing most of my cards, to help develop a cohesive/unique style for my shop.

Here they are all lined up in a row:



You’ll notice some new cards I’ve incorporated into the mix.  I’ll be posting them to my shop soon.

And here is my concept for photographing my cards:



The background is a pile of books.  I’ve seen a number of really creative ideas on Etsy of other shops incorporating objects into photos of their products, and a pile of books just seemed to fit my style.  I like the different textures.  What do you think?

Photography is definitely not my passion, but I love its ability to create an ambience, especially in the vast space we call the world wide web.  I guess I’ll just have to keep on practicing.

In the same light, I am hoping to photograph our new abode once I get it all cleaned for the in-laws coming to breakfast Easter Sunday.

As far as the baby goes, all evidence at this point indicates a strong, healthy baby.  Although, as I’ve said before, I am not going to be content until I can see him for myself. 29 days to go…

More to come soon soon soon.

Houseful of Hopeful

Well, I’ve been busy again, working hard behind the scenes, and hopefully I will be able to share some new things with you soon.  I also have been redesigning some of the aesthetics of my shop’s and blog’s appearance.  So…watch out!  As far as the baby goes: Yep, I am still pregnant.  I just had a doctor’s appointment and everything sounded/looked normal.  Teddy has been kicking up a storm, which I appreciate, despite the rib kicks and bladder stomping, it signifies to me that he is alive in there and getting strong.  We also scheduled the C-section (Miss Madelyne was breech) for May 15th.  I’ve considered the idea of having a VBAC, but my husband would probably have a heart attack.  Plus, at the end of the day, it is nice to have that date up on the calendar.  So, 77 days to go!

No new news on the job hunt for my husband, but we are vigilant and confident someone will be swept up by his charm and wit.  I know I sure was…  🙂  It is only a matter of time.

Also, I have been seriously researching on how to make my shop more successful/get more views, so I am hopeful that with adding new items and making some small changes, there might be some boost in sales.  Fingers crossed.  If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I am persistent, and I know how to work at getting what I want, even if it takes time.  I’m pretty sure I am digging my heels on this one.

As far as housing goes, we are still looking.  In fact, we are looking at a place tonight.  Craigslist is a bloody nightmare between all of the housing scams and overpriced apartment complexes.  Every now and then a good place pops up, and I try and respond as quickly as possible, but I’ve been beaten to the punch a few times.  This time, I caught the rental listing 36 minutes after he posted it, and we are going to view it tonight.  Hopefully it is what we are looking for and there is nobody ahead of us so I can stop be a Craigslist troll.

So, here is a semi-spotty, phone photo of me and my belly smiling in fear right before heading to a yoga class.  (Yes, I was successful, although my arms almost died from all the downward dogs, I was still able to bind in side angle pose, which boosted my confidence).

Have a great week!


Two New Things!

You guys, I have a long way to go to get my shop where I want it to be.  My time is so limited, and I am sleepy, so sleepy, but everyday I try to take at least a half step in the right direction.  Two new cards and one card set have been officially added to my shop.  More to come…eventually.

Click here to view!

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Born, torn, snore…

It’s 9AM, and my daughter is already down for a nap. She has been up, off and on, since about 2AM.  We are fairly well-versed in the lack-of-sleep lifestyle that comes with toddlerhood, but last night took that to another level.  Around 5:30AM or so we let her watch a show on a phone in our bed while we dozed, which gave us an extra two hours of semi-productive sleeping.  Oy.  Upon waking, without any hesitation, I went on Amazon and bought a toddler alarm clock that glows green when they are allowed to wake and a 10-pack of play-doh as bribery.  I don’t know what else to do.

In other news, I did two new paintings this week, and began prepping a few more.  I am sharing the first one, that will be for a card or 8 x 10 print.  The quote is a little ironic, considering my rant above on obnoxious toddler behaviors.  It is amazing to me, that even though children tear apart any sense of normalcy and push you to the brink of insanity, they still are the most amazing little creatures and it is incredible watching them explore the world.  I understand the feeling of being torn between being a mother and wanting a career, and I respect those who willingly chose careers.  That being said, I don’t regret putting my career on hold, and soaking up the small window of time I have helping these little humans grow into themselves.  I know it is shaping and changing me in ways I can’t even comprehend.

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Begin afresh, afresh, afresh

Part of me wants to reflect on last year.

The other part doesn’t want to bore you with my honey-soaked, heavy nostalgia.

I know I have been an “inconsistent” blogger *shudder* as of late (the worst thing you can do!), however I am determined to trudge on.

The blog has been quiet, but I have been busy working in the stillness, laughing with visitors, and stopping for a moment to stare at the blue, blue Southern California sky.

For now, let me just take a moment to say “Season’s Greetings” to each of you.  I hope you had special moments this holiday season, the kind that sneak up on you and leave you warm and tingling and feeling well-loved.

More to come soon.

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Au milieu de l’hiver…

It is not winter here, although somedays are colder than others.

The rain falls, but the ground is thankful for a drink.

I too am thankful for stormy weather, for it reminds me of the warmth deep in my chest, radiating out to my fingertips.


The test results came back negative (less than 1 in 10,000 chance) for a chromosome issue. And we found out we are having a boy!  However, I will not be completely satisfied until I am holding this baby in my arms.


hiver 72