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I know I know, I gotta work on my penmanship….

journal 2 journal 2-1 journal 2-2a journal 2-2b  journal 2-3


Madelyne’s/M1’s new hair (and a pretty cool dog-shaped peanut butter banana sandwich)



Sneak peek of my latest project, they’ll be up for sale in the shop soon:

photo-10 copy


The Bunny Hop

I am sitting in our bedroom typing in my new office “nook,” which consists of an old fashioned school style desk, complete with lift up table, my desktop computer, my absurdly large printer, and three shelves.  It feels cozy, and practical.  It’s modest, but I see it’s potential.

The toddler naps, much to her chagrin.

The baby pushes his legs up into my ribcage and I groan.

For the most part, I am extremely uncomfortable.  I could digress, but it would probably just sound like a pity party.  Wah!

Okay, and done.

I am trying to convince myself to just start posting and publishing my new work, but I think I may have some anxiety/fear of failure that has subconsciously driven me to distraction lately.  Or maybe it truly is that I just have a lot of sleep-deprived “life” happening, and I am doing my best to just stay afloat.  Either one.

Needless to say, I am here again typing, so I consider that my small step in the right direction.

Last week I worked on photographing most of my cards, to help develop a cohesive/unique style for my shop.

Here they are all lined up in a row:



You’ll notice some new cards I’ve incorporated into the mix.  I’ll be posting them to my shop soon.

And here is my concept for photographing my cards:



The background is a pile of books.  I’ve seen a number of really creative ideas on Etsy of other shops incorporating objects into photos of their products, and a pile of books just seemed to fit my style.  I like the different textures.  What do you think?

Photography is definitely not my passion, but I love its ability to create an ambience, especially in the vast space we call the world wide web.  I guess I’ll just have to keep on practicing.

In the same light, I am hoping to photograph our new abode once I get it all cleaned for the in-laws coming to breakfast Easter Sunday.

As far as the baby goes, all evidence at this point indicates a strong, healthy baby.  Although, as I’ve said before, I am not going to be content until I can see him for myself. 29 days to go…

More to come soon soon soon.

Be a Good One

Not a lot going on over here except more waiting. We visited a charming little 2 bedroom apartment in South Park, and applied for the place, but someone beat us to it. I am starting to detect a trend, one that involves me learning to be patient. BUT, despite our angst, we are happy and healthy and safe and loved, so we can’t really complain. Madelyne does have a small cold, which has actually slowed her down a bit, making my life a teensy bit easier, is that wrong to say? I’ve been busy working on more projects, and have even dug some old work from my files I may incorporate into my shop. My goal is to have a cohesive, well-stocked shop before the move and the baby comes, so then I can work on my next task: marketing. *shudder* Anyways, I saw this quote today, and I liked it and thought I’d share it with you all today. 20140219-122732

Serotinous Mel

Well, no news on the test results yet (see previous post).  We’ve been surprisingly okay with all the extra drama of our lives.  I’ve stopped stressing out about things beyond my control.  I think there are two potential reasons for this: 1) I’ve given up fighting against things beyond my control, because so many unfortunate things have turned out positive for me in the past few years 2) I am just too tired to worry, pregnancy has a way of prioritizing my thoughts.  Either way, I am happy to be getting some sleep!

Other good news: I completed my first painting today since taking a break about six weeks ago.  As a mom, I am quickly realizing that I am going to have to be flexible with regards to the amount of work I can contribute and understand that sometimes things like my health or caring for my kids may have to take precedence over my art career (yeah, no duh, I know…).

Anyways, here is the painting I did, I may turn it into a card on my shop in the next few days.

serotinous pine 72

Quick Deluge

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been attempting to do a drawing-a-day for an upcoming show.  You also may notice that I have been struggling with this, been a bit emotional, etc, etc.  Well, I think it is time I open up.  I am only going to publish this here, and wait a bit before completing opening up (ie: Facebook, etc.).  The truth is, well, I am pregnant!  I am only 9 weeks along, and extremely exhausted tailing behind a two-year old all day.  I know you aren’t supposed to say anything until you are thru your first trimester, but I figured if I do have to deal with something as sad as a miscarriage, I’d want to share it with you here.  The fatigue/nausea has made drawing practically impossible.  So, I’ve also decided to withdraw from the show and hope I can get back to making new work soon.   The other news happening in our little bubble is that my husband’s office closed, so he lost his job.  LUCKILY, we sort of were planning our escape anyways, and even though he won’t be making as much money as before, he will almost seamlessly have enough part-time work started to keep us out of the red.  Phew.

Readjusted Goals:

~Create a new drawing/blog post 1 time per week.

~Keep toddler alive


Hopefully I can add more to that as my pregnancy progresses.  One step at a time.

The Ability to Recognize Small Changes

This blog has been quiet again, even though all the gears are moving along in the background.  Without delving too far into too many details, let me share with you what is happening right now:

1) I am making my daughter a mini-kitchen from a tv stand (thank you Pinterest).  It has a) Put good use to all the carpentry knowledge I gained while in graduate school (not kidding here…sculpture degree) b) Made me realize that I need to build her a work station too.  She was very curious about my tools, and enjoyed twisting bolts on a peg board I had out.

2) I am also making her and I matching aprons.  (I know, it’s too much.)

3) I decided to get my feet wet again, showing art in a gallery.  I’ve been selected to be part of a group exhibition with the concept “Make Art Everyday” as it’s main theme.  Which is very similar to the “Drawings-A-Day” I did back earlier in the summer.  Sooo, starting today, I did my first drawing, and will be making a new drawing every day for a month!   (More to come on the exhibition and the project in future posts.)

4) During this time period I will be giving away 5 prints of my work for free from my Etsy shop!!  Stayed tuned for details and my new rules, etc. etc.


Anyways, here is drawing #1, a tribute to Autumn.

dd1 72