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I know I know, I gotta work on my penmanship….

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Madelyne’s/M1’s new hair (and a pretty cool dog-shaped peanut butter banana sandwich)



Sneak peek of my latest project, they’ll be up for sale in the shop soon:

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Two New Things!

You guys, I have a long way to go to get my shop where I want it to be.  My time is so limited, and I am sleepy, so sleepy, but everyday I try to take at least a half step in the right direction.  Two new cards and one card set have been officially added to my shop.  More to come…eventually.

Click here to view!

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Au milieu de l’hiver…

It is not winter here, although somedays are colder than others.

The rain falls, but the ground is thankful for a drink.

I too am thankful for stormy weather, for it reminds me of the warmth deep in my chest, radiating out to my fingertips.


The test results came back negative (less than 1 in 10,000 chance) for a chromosome issue. And we found out we are having a boy!  However, I will not be completely satisfied until I am holding this baby in my arms.


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Mulberry Tree Leaves

My husband saw my drawing today and commented that he thought my two-year old daughter had done the sketch.  What he does not know is, that this is actually a compliment to me.  Even though some of these daily drawings are more sketches than finished work, I am trying to create art using my intuition rather than just my left-brained “This is a tree.” logical side.  I’m trying not to think too hard.  I am trying to play and create like a child.  So, thanks hubs.


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Mulberry Tree

If you did a google earth of our house, I can almost guarantee that at least half of the house, and a large section of the yard is covered by the shade of our towering fruitless mulberry.  When we were kids, we preferred to climb our apricot tree because the limbs were lower, and there were free snacks, but we did climb up into the tall branches of the fruitless mulberry, often with a book or cat in tow.

Also, thoughts going out to all the people who maybe furloughed tonight.

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