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David Hockney


André Derain


Henri Matisse


David Hockney


Henri Matisse


Art Begets More Art

So, my daughter and I have been sick.  The sort of sick that makes you want to sleep all day.  Except, my daughter doesn’t sleep that well.  Making art is one of the last things I want to do when I am sick, but that is part of the drawing-a-day challenge.  I am hoping something interesting will come of it.  Today, this drawing is beget from a previous drawing.  Can you guess which one?


Drawing #7 Art Begets More Art

dd7 72

Autumn Thorns and Rosehips

San Diego Fall (East County, anyways):  The days still feel like summer, but the nights get cool.  Then there is the dry breeze, the crunching of leaves cutting the quiet.  Everything is skeletal and parched, in a state of crisped preservation waiting for winter rain.   I saw two coots at the lake today, early migrators.  I love the fall season, especially as it gets cooler, but October is fire season out here, so like the plants we eagerly wait for the rain.

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Drawing #3: Autumn Thorns and Rosehips

dd3 72

Buckwheat in Blue

Quick drawing post today.  It’s my husband’s day off and he just made adobo-style fried chicken wings, à la some guy from Top Chef. So I am off to spend the evening with him.  Night all.


Side Note: In a matter of two seconds, my daughter pushed her chair over to our bar, climbed the bar stool, opened up my paints, and began painting on a blank page.  So, I will most likely be posting a collaborative drawing tomorrow.


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flattop buckwheat blue 72

Floating House

If something’s not working, find a new way to make it work.  I have to give my husband the credit here, instead of photographing my work, which has all been 9″ x 12″ and too big for our standard scanner, why not change the paper size?  So, this latest one is 8.5 x 11, and my life is a lot simpler.  I will continue to work on the photography in the mean time.


At first I thought this painting was sad, because of the rain, but then as I added the color I realized it wasn’t.  I think it has more to do with dreaming and imagining.

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Happy Friday!!

floating house 72

White Sage Studies

I know I missed a day posting, so, since these two paintings have such a similar theme, I won’t wait to post one tomorrow.  Call it extra credit?  Or balancing out my karma.  Whatever.  I painted the mason jar study first, and was so interested by the color and texture of the leaves, I decided to do a  more detailed study of the leaf of the white sage as well.

Like painting the Flat top Buckwheat, I am interested in painting the native plants around the area.  My family has a long history tied to the flora and fauna of this countryside, and drawing these plants is sort of a way for me to understand that history better.  More stories to come on that subject later.

You can view both paintings here at my shop: myquiethouse

white sage mason jar 72




white sage study 72