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Landscape Inspiration

John Constable constable 1“A Study of Clouds and Trees” c. 1821

constable 2

“Cloud Study” c. 1821-22constable 3


“A Storm of the Coast of Brighton”

Caspar David Friedrichfriedrick 1 “The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog” 1818friedrick 2

“Uttenwalder reason”

Georgia O’Keeffeokeeffe 1“Red Hills, Lake George” 1927
okeeffe 2“Lake George” 1922okeeffe 3

“Ladder Moon Sky”

Mark Rothkorothko 1 “Untitled” 1969rothko 2

“Untitled” 1949

J. M. W. Turner

turner 1“London from Greenwich Park” 1809
turner 2“The Fighting Temeraire” (detail) 1839


Drawing Inspiration: Craig Thompson

When I first stumbled across Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Blankets I was in early college.  I was amazed by his imagery and even more than that I was excited to finally come across someone talking about Christianity in a way that felt really genuine to me.  I loved how how his artwork was about his identity, trying to understand himself, his faith, and what he wanted out of life.  At that stage of my life, I could really relate to that.  With his newest book Habibi, I could relate to his fascination with religious narratives and ornate Islamic patterns, both of which I was working on in my thesis when his book came out.  Here are just a few of his images:

Blankets_cover    habibicover



Artistic Inspiration

While I am dwelling on the subject of vulnerability, I found this piece below by Kiki Smith:

kiki smith snowonredearth



I also was reminded this piece, “Umbilical” by Janine Antoni pertinent to my personal journey of finishing nursing with my daughter.  As I watch my daughter blossom and grow, bound with it is the feeling loss as she separates herself further from me.  Does any one else relate to the aching joy of watching your child become their own person?