The New Normal

I’ve been wanting to post an official “birth story” post, and I keep thinking, “I’ll get to that soon,” and then I woke up and realized Teddy turned 5 weeks old yesterday. So, here I am again typing from my phone. Here is me:


M1 (Monster #1) has a runny nose and woke up from nap time fussy and upset. I think I actually let her play at the playground too long yesterday. Can you blame me?

M2 is a cuddly sweet monster, whom we suspect may have a dairy allergy. He will be in a deep sleep and then just wake up and totally FREAK out. He also does this sort of unpleasant gagging/spit-up thing whenever he is lying flat on his back. So I am officially off all dairy, since we are breastfeeding. Off. All. Dairy. You have no idea what that means until you try it. That means all desserts that are truly delicious, some breads that have milk in them, not to mention pizza and, sniff…CHEESE. Apparently it can take two weeks for dairy to get out of your system, so we are in a trial phase at the moment. Meanwhile, I’m pretty much holding him non-stop, which is physically exhausting, but totally fine. Newborns are pretty cute. Here is a photo of the little guy I snapped at the park yesterday. You can really see the orange in his hair in this one.


So, right now I am in survival mode. I’m trying not to feel too bad about letting M1 watch a little more TV than I’d like and not stressing over the dishes piling up beside the sink or the posts that remain unwritten or the art I’m not making. It’s funny, but perhaps because I am so tired or the calming effects of breastfeeding, I don’t feel overwhelmed by all this, I’m really just soaking up every moment, since I know they are so temporary.

(And apparently I need to work on keeping my thumb out of the camera lens…oh well)



2 thoughts on “The New Normal”

  1. I love your comments. You are a wise young lady, learning how to accept and appreciate your “here and now”. Love you, G’ma J.

  2. Yay update! I love the Monsters. I’m trying to stop eating bread so I identify with your cheese sadness. I will sing a dirge for us both.

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