For those of you who don’t live in San Diego, you may not know there is a heat wave going on. Today is the third day the thermometer will be edging up near 100 degrees.

My brain and my body are officially fried.

In other more delightful news, my sister gave birth to her baby last Sunday. I can’t wait to meet Miss Castine Elizabeth and I hate that they are so far away.

This puts the age difference between my future little bundle, set to be extracted from my body on May 14th and his cousin at a mere 17 days apart! (That is of course, unless Teddy decides to come earlier).

Over the last week, I’ve literally gotten almost nothing accomplished in my shop. There have been so many distractions (ie: new baby, heat waves, pesty toddlers), non-stress tests, and just pure fatigue that I’m realizing that maybe I should postpone updating my shop until after the baby comes. I apologize if this blog becomes a bit dormant for a few weeks. I am going to at least try and update my Instagram regularly.

I’m sure I was going to write more here, but like I said, be it the hormones or the heat or being at war with the terrible twos, something has come and stolen my brain. I hope to get it back soon. Give it back whom/what ever you are!!

Blessings to you All!

Here’s me on Sunday, before the heat wave….no I will not do an “after heat wave” picture.




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