I don’t have a lot to say today, except for a few things:

1) Thank you to all of you for the support these last few weeks, it’s great to know we have such an amazing network of people in our lives.  It is what helps me sleep at night (no, really…it’s true).

2) Speaking of sleep, we’ve had some!!  And it has made all the difference.  For about 5 days the little monster has been sleeping until 4:00/4:30ish and then hopping into bed with us.  My quality of life has drastically improved.

3) So, I have been painting again.  Right as I convinced myself  to put the paints away until after the baby came and things settled down a bit, the wind changed directions.

4) My husband is currently, (as in this-moment-as-I-type) in another job interview.  It’s exciting and stressful, and even though it is scary not feeling secure, I take comfort in the fact that things have been improving.  (Also, did I mention my amazing support team?)

Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely people!

(This is a card I just made for my dad’s clinic…he likes lighthouses…)



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s”

  1. So happy to hear that things seem a little brighter! Happy Valentines Day to you and yours. Always in our hearts and in our prayers! Love You all.

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