Country Mouse

I know. I forgot my drawing yesterday. It has been an interesting few days on my side of the screen. I remembered that I forgot to post a drawing a little after midnight, insomnia resting its head on my shoulders. When I first started this blog, I talked a lot about vulnerability and right now I feel like I need to unload my heart a bit. There have been a lot of changes this past month in our little household and it has left me exhausted. I am trying to trust God, because I do believe he has a plan for each of us, but sometimes it is scary looking out into the unknown. So, any prayers, good thoughts and blessings are much appreciated.

In other news, AJ and I are in LA for a few days and it was hard to find a plant form to draw from. I did find one tree when looking through our hotel window.



2 thoughts on “Country Mouse”

  1. So sorry that everything is in ashookup state at this time. We know and understand how that can be. So, my precous ones,
    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and, HE will direct thy paths. Sending you all love, hugs, and many prayers. And, remember to keep your chin up so that your beautiful smiles will be seen by everyone.

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