Autumn Thorns and Rosehips

San Diego Fall (East County, anyways):  The days still feel like summer, but the nights get cool.  Then there is the dry breeze, the crunching of leaves cutting the quiet.  Everything is skeletal and parched, in a state of crisped preservation waiting for winter rain.   I saw two coots at the lake today, early migrators.  I love the fall season, especially as it gets cooler, but October is fire season out here, so like the plants we eagerly wait for the rain.

***In other news: I am giving away an 8 x 10 print of your choice from my shop for FREE***

Here are the RULES: You have until NOON tomorrow (9/25) PST to leave a comment on this post.  Then, I will use a random number calculator to pick the WINNER.  Good Luck!!

Drawing #3: Autumn Thorns and Rosehips

dd3 72


9 thoughts on “Autumn Thorns and Rosehips”

  1. I think this one is my favorite. Fall colors, watercolor. What is better than that! You’re so talented Mel! Glad to call you my friend!

  2. “Autumn Thorns and Rosehips” reminds me that I had a rose garden once . . . the cycle of the rose bush is so drastic . . . from green, scented, flowering bushes to bear thorny brown sticks coming out of the ground. I grew to love each stage . . . one a picture of life- color and beauty, the other a picture of death . . . with a hidden promise of life again.

  3. Sweet daughter of mine,
    As much as I love watching you draw, paint, and build each day, I am equally intrigued and moved by your musings. You amaze me.

  4. Whatever they do, I mean… And I love the variation you have. I remember seeing your art many years ago when I was in college.

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