The Ability to Recognize Small Changes

This blog has been quiet again, even though all the gears are moving along in the background.  Without delving too far into too many details, let me share with you what is happening right now:

1) I am making my daughter a mini-kitchen from a tv stand (thank you Pinterest).  It has a) Put good use to all the carpentry knowledge I gained while in graduate school (not kidding here…sculpture degree) b) Made me realize that I need to build her a work station too.  She was very curious about my tools, and enjoyed twisting bolts on a peg board I had out.

2) I am also making her and I matching aprons.  (I know, it’s too much.)

3) I decided to get my feet wet again, showing art in a gallery.  I’ve been selected to be part of a group exhibition with the concept “Make Art Everyday” as it’s main theme.  Which is very similar to the “Drawings-A-Day” I did back earlier in the summer.  Sooo, starting today, I did my first drawing, and will be making a new drawing every day for a month!   (More to come on the exhibition and the project in future posts.)

4) During this time period I will be giving away 5 prints of my work for free from my Etsy shop!!  Stayed tuned for details and my new rules, etc. etc.


Anyways, here is drawing #1, a tribute to Autumn.

dd1 72


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