Choosing To See The Good Stuff

This week has been a battle of wits for me.  One day my daughter takes a three-hour nap, and I am giddy, not knowing what to do with the free time.  The next night, she cries and refuses to fall asleep from 1AM-4AM, and then takes a 1 hour nap the next day.  These last few years, I’ve felt more like a boxer in a ring, fists up, trying to anticipate the next blow than ever before.  Amidst far too many tears for a girl my age, in the long run, I think I have developed a thicker skin.

After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found that I am not a boxer, I am a forager.  The problem with boxing, is that you always have to be tough AND smart, and I am usually neither.  However, if you are a forager, it’s all about how you look at things.  A mushroom-hunter knows the soft spots of the ground and the moist smell of the earth.  They’ve fine-tuned their sight to distinguish between the precious delicacies that are a gourmand’s dream and the morels that can kill.  A forager knows that if you dive deep enough and open the briny, hard-shell of an oyster, a pearl may lie waiting inside.  Or how when you crack open the brown, rough-skin of a pomegranate, thick, sweet color pours out.  A forager learns the innermost workings of their environment and then takes pleasure in its offerings.  A forager is always seeking, treading softly, living sustainably, and using their abilities to survive.

So, it is with great excitement, fear, and anticipation that I share with you the first painting in a series that will become prints in my Etsy Shop.

good stuff web



One thought on “Choosing To See The Good Stuff”

  1. Oh my precious neice. You are going through all the joys and sorrows of being a first time Mommy. Someday, you will look back and enjoy laughing at these precious memories. I promise you, you will. And you will have all of these cute stories to ell her about these times. You are learning, and when the next precious little bundle comes into you life you will be so much wiser than you are now. I love the new painting. It really say a lot. Love to you all.

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