Invisible Improvements, Naked Ladies, and the Bunny Hop

I don’t even know how to begin this post.



The trip took it’s toll on me and I finally almost feel back to normal.



And I still have TWO letters I have to write!


But what you don’t know is all the work I’ve been doing behind the scenes!

(Super Top Secret)

However, it feels as if every time I go to do something, not only does it take me longer than expected, there are SO many road blocks in my way.

I just.  Want to. Finish this one thing!


I apologize, I don’t mean to complain.  In fact, one thing I can share with you is that I visited with my Grandma again on Friday to work on the El Monte Project!  I am also thrilled because I think I am beginning to formulate a way to exhibit and share this epic project I am working on.  (More to come on this later, I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.)


Anyways, the funniest part about our visit yesterday was hearing my Grandma talk about Naked Ladies.  They are actually a type of lily, but if you listen to the audio, the conversation is pretty hilarious.  Well, maybe only a little hilarious.  Anyways, the image I am sharing is not of the Naked Ladies, but of a similar lily of the Amaryllis family (I hope I got that all straight…)


Anyways, pray for my sanity and I WILL be sharing something with you soon, even if it means I have to photograph the darn things with my iPhone just to prove to you all of the hard work that I am doing behind the scenes over here.

Happy Sunday to You ALL!!


Evernote Snapshot 20130816 092801



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