Castine and a Wing Ding

We’ve made it to Maine! I am a little behind on my letters, but with 0 agendas and 7 adults around to help reins in the little one, I intend on making an impressive catch up. Hope you all have a great week!





6 thoughts on “Castine and a Wing Ding”

  1. Enjoy your travels. Even with a toddler, it can be amazing, and exciting. God Bless and lots of love.

    1. Thanks, Nina! It’s exciting and exhausting. I love being able to share the world with her. She loved the country down south near you, we were able to see so many animals, she had a blast!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful letter and beautiful drawing! I finally checked my mailbox today and found it – what a nice surprise! I plan to find a frame for your drawing so that I can hang it up in my kitchen, it will go with the color scheme we’ve got goin’ on in there. Also I just planted the orchid seeds from your grandma – thanks for sending us them! Should be an interesting experiment to see if the flowers turn out pink or white. I secretly hope our tree has pink flowers because it would go nicely with our purple jacaranda tree. 🙂

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear about the trip when you guys get back! & thanks again!

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