So Many Things To Share

I write this message in haste, because in less than 24 hours I will be boarding a cross-continent flight with my almost-two year old lap child, alone.  Did I mention alone?  Actually, the last time we did this, which was in March things went fairly smoothly.  We were stuck in the middle seat twice, which was a bit difficult, but our neighbors always proved accommodating. Let’s hope that happens this time.

So here is what is going on with My Quiet House during our travels:

1) I am putting the shop on vacation mode until I return, around mid-August.

2) I will be writing/illustrating around 7 letters, which I will be sharing with you here.  (I’ll take the photos from my phone, so the quality will be low, but you will hopefully get the gist of what I am doing.)

3) Four of the letters are already accounted for (We did this family project where we were each supposed to write a letter to every family member during one month.  I had March and I am a bit behind….oops!)

4) The other 3 letters/drawings I will be giving away (see below).

Here is the painting I am giving away today to the first person to share my post on Facebook.  The next three people to share my post on Facebook will get a drawing sent to them when I am on the road. I won’t be bringing my paints, so they will be most likely done in pen, but they will still be just as lovely.


À bientôt mes amis!!

shell pattern 72




2 thoughts on “So Many Things To Share”

    1. Thanks Nina! We will be close to you! Spending time with my sister out in North Carolina and then headed up to meet the whole family in Boston. Hopefully someday we can meet up! I’ve only been to Tennessee one time, but I thought it was beautiful.

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