Washing it all Away

Today has been tough.  We said good-bye AGAIN to another dearly loved person as she travels the continent pursuing her passion.  As a result, I’ve come to two conclusions:

1) I absolutely LOVE when the weather reflects the mood I am in.  Today I have felt a little sad, and stormy, but also hopeful.  The rain lightens and cools things and makes everything feel a bit dreary.  However, in Southern California, a cool summer rain is a blessing, or perhaps even a small miracle.

2) My daughter speaks a TON, however the word she is most fearless to use is “good-bye”.  She will freeze at strangers and curl up to me, however when they go, it’s always a cheerful “Good-bye!”  I attribute it to all the people who have come and gone and reappeared on Skype and then back in our lives again.  I think that she has become a bit callous to saying good-bye.  Either that or she is hopeful, because the people she love have always returned to her.

Yesterday I had a lot of free time and spent a good deal of it working on the painting I am going to share with you today.  It was an attempt to embrace the two sides of me: the controlled side and the carefree side.  The painting, to me, is a lot more complex than that, however that was my initial thought when creating it.  It is available for purchase at my shop.

In other stranger news, I have to go and get a “mole-check” tomorrow, a thing which I am terrified to do.  I think all of my anxieties about all other external factors in my life are pouring into the fear of me having a cancerous mole.  I cannot wait to have the exam over with.  I guess that is me being vulnerable with you.  (prayers are welcomed!)

white limbs 72



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