Across the Divide

There is not a lot I want to say today.  Baby. Paint. Baby. Baby. Steve Martin strumming.  Hanging out with the hubs.  Endless ironing (yes, every so often people still iron and it is dreadful).


I love this.


I also love my drawing today…minus a few mess ups, which you can see. It is part of the process I suppose.  I really love the wiggly line, but the unintentional ink splot usually has me groaning. However, if I think about it another way, it is another sign of the work being handmade by a human, which I like.  These days everything is photoshopped and nipped and tucked, I find beauty in errors left exposed.


Anyways, I did this on my “art-for-free” paper (it came with envelopes), so that means I am giving this drawing away.  I will mail this little baby, (flaws and all) to the first person to share this post on Facebook.

hands reach 72


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