Wild Geese

Okay, so it is becoming ever-so-clear to me why I have been a bundle of nerves lately.  I thought it had to do with this blog.  Today, my problem smacked me in the face.  Actually, the thing cried for two hours.  Hearing this little thing crying does something to my central nervous system that I cannot describe. The cutting of the umbilical cord never really quite separates mother and child completely.

Why, did she cry for two hours, you may ask?  Well, long story short, it’s because we’ve done something horribly wrong when it comes to sleep routines.  Trust me, I’ve read every method and tried from infancy to get this kid to sleep and do it well.  It’s such an interesting balance between giving your child what they need to grow and become independent little beings and not, a) be a control freak/dictator/helicopter mom or b) a lily-livered, push-over that’s being power-played by a two year-old.


On another note, this ‘interesting’ time period has stressed me into really thinking about my priorities of this blog and my shop.  I’ve spent the last year or so trying to decide how connected I want to be with the contemporary art world. Post graduate school, I’ve felt a little jaded by the whole system. I love art. I love the gallery space. I love the dialogue of art, but I don’t care for the hyper-elitism, the cynicism, and the criticism that seems married to contemporary art.  To me, there is a difference between critiquing a work of art and the judgement that seems to follow.  I love digging down and analyzing art and films and television, but when we judge a person’s merit based upon their titles or their degrees or other status symbols, I think we remain a little short-sided.

I never stopped making art, but I have toyed with many different ways of sharing my art.  I’ve realized that most of the people I want to have a conversation with never make it into a gallery. They are exposed to great design day in and day out, but there is never any content behind what they see– other than a product being sold to them.  Which is why I decided to do something a little against the “contemporary art” grain, and open an Etsy shop.  I want my work to be in people’s homes, not just in a gallery for a week, to be moved to a drawer, or destroyed.  As far as the blog goes, I want it to be a forum about trying to live a life seeking the unknown and striving to continually be a better person.  I want it to be a place where I share my journey of attempting to seek joy and optimism over anxiety and cynicism.

And that, I guess is this blog’s raison d’être.


Other important news:

1) I am going out of town to spend some much needed quality time with my husband.  I will be (relatively) offline until Friday.

2) When I return, I am going to announce some sort of re-working of my “Drawings-A-Day.”

3) I want to give this drawing/note away too.  I offer it to the first person to leave a comment on this post.

wild geese72



7 thoughts on “Wild Geese”

  1. Well put!! So sick of the system. That’s what makes the Internet great.. The ability to free the creator from the established system. That’s all they have on us – connections and credibility. My art is as good as the person who buys it thinks it is. And if I can easily make a place where the buyer can find the artist, well then there you go. Cut out all middle men. Keep on musin!!

    1. And that is exactly what you are doing! I’m so excited to see how creatorgive evolves and I can’t wait to contribute myself. :). I’m going to respond to Cindy on Facebook, so I’ll ask her for your address so I can mail you that little poem.

  2. You’ve inspired me to start a blog of my own – I might try a form of “dailies” or because I’m a procrastinator “weeklies”. I love the poem and the thought-process behind why you make art. Send me the poem at your convenience or save it for me in person!

    ETA: Simon beat me! I’ll get there first next time 🙂

    1. Way to go Nily! I can’t wait to see what you will be posting and what you’ve been reading and researching lately. Also, I think I owe you a letter soon, perhaps I will add a hand written poem in there.

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