Seed Pod Mysteries

A busy, fun day filled with family and friends.  Ocean views and backyard barbecues.  Squeezing in a drawing today was difficult, and I grabbed the object that was nearest on my desk, the seed pod that was given to me yesterday by my grandma.  The seed pod has an interesting back story, for those who like a little scientific mystery.  Here is how the story goes:

My grandma was given this particular Orchid tree from a friend.  The tree was a seedling from her Bauhinia veriagata, which has bright pink blooms.  However, when my grandma’s tree bloomed, the orchids were white.  What is bizarre about this, is that there is an Orchid tree with white flowers, however it is a completely different plant, the Bauhinia aculeata.  So, we are going to plant these seeds and see what happens.  Is there a recessive white-flowering gene in the Bauhinia veriagata?  I don’t much about science, but I do love a good experiment.

The drawing is for purchase on my Etsy Shop: myquiethouse


bauhinia seed pod 72 border


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