Climbing the Mountain

It’s Thursday again, which means I went and climbed the mountain with my Grandma and talked about plants.  The weather is exactly how the fourth of July should be.  Hot.  My brother just arrived in from Boston and we are going to spend the rest of the day celebrating with family, playing outside, and eating good food.

I used to be really cynical about politics and the government, and maybe I still am a bit jaded by all that.  However, I see the sacrifices that families make on an individual level, who have relatives and loved ones in the military and I want to say “Thank You” right now.  You guys do so much that we take for granted, and even if I find America to be a little boisterous, nosey, and opinionated, I feel blessed to feel safe and protected.


In other news, I learned some new things today about plants.  One of the plants was Cercocarpus ledifolius, otherwise known as Mountain Mahogany and it is a plant native to California.  It has these amazing seed pods that have delicate feather-like tails that cause the whole tree to glimmer. The seed pods fly to the ground and then, over time dry and curl and then burrow their way back down into the earth.  Pretty amazing.  I drew and image of a few of the seed pods below.

You can purchase the painting at my shop here

Mount Mahogany 72



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