Time and a tea cup

AMAZING NEWS! I HAD TWO EXTRA HOURS TO WORK ON MY ART!!!!  Those of you who are mothers, or others with 60 hour work weeks  can understand the value of a few extra hours carved into your free time.   So, today my budding cousin, Macie came over to be a mommy’s helper, so I could draw, prep, and plan.  I am getting SO excited about the potential of this blog and shop and the projects that I have been working on, however my main limitation has been my time.  At this point, we can’t afford daycare, and my daughter is still a little young for pre-school.  However, I would love for her to eventually be able to go to a pre-school and actually hang out with kids her age.  I love what I have heard about Montessori programs, but I don’t really know much about them.  Hopefully we can get her enrolled in some sort of little class a few hours a week once she is a bit older.  All in due time.  (Do I seem like I am chomping at the bit?)

I love being home with my kid, but truth be told, I need more.  That is part of what this blog and drawing-a-day thing is about.  A place where I can share and discuss issues that I have been thinking about hopefully gain some insight in the process.  Does anybody else do something where they spend a lot of time in their head just thinking?  This has lessened now that Madelyne is talking, however, when she was in her gobble-de-goo phase, I had to listen to books on tape to maintain my sanity.  Nap times are the most sacred hour of the day.


Anyways, I am not ready to completely divulge into my future projects, however I am excited to be able to tell you all that I actually had a moment today to work on them!


I also was able to paint this teacup.   I was working on my “super top secret” project, and an extra teacup happened to be lying around, so I decided, hey, why not?  I did a coffee mug, why not a teacup?   This particular teacup is part of a set of my mother’s mothers and is one of those sets that gets looked at from time to time, but never really ever gets used.  I guess that’s why we still have so many of them.

This painting is up on the shop: MyQuietHouse

purple teacup 72



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