This morning the air hung heavy and you could feel the moisture in the air.  It reminded me of afternoon thunderstorms in Colorado, something I miss dearly.  There is something incredible in the way the air becomes so heavy, until it reaches a point that you might go mad because it is so hot and you are sweating so much, tense and uncomfortable…and then the sky just opens up and the whole world exhales and rejoices in the downpour.

When we were in Colorado, we lived in a little log cabin in a small town.  We definitely did not have an A/C, nor cable or even internet!  Oh, my!  That being said, we were very aware of the natural world around us.  Especially in the summertime, when we spent most days reading, writing, and drawing in our little cabin.  This drawing is about those thunderstorms.

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houses in a thunderstorm 72




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