A Brief Addendum…and a Project Announcement!!

I feel like I need to clarify a few things here, in response to my previous post.  Yes, I want a life filled with joy.  And yes, I have chosen to stay at home to raise my child.  That all being said, I’m not just messing around here.  This blog isn’t a fun little game that I am playing.  I am very serious about it and every post I make (even if they are currently full of typos and have a tendency to seem rushed).  I still consider myself an artist.  I still want to move people and make them think.  I still want to learn and grow and explore this thing called life and seek out the Unknown.  I still want to have an artistic career, even if it may be different than I imagined.

In fact, that is the very reason why I started this blog.  To open up an artistic dialogue.  So, I am not just sitting out here in my bubble, conjuring up weird philosophies and filling my drawers with pages and pages of scribbling sketches that nobody sees.  It may not be avant-garde, and perhaps it just is another “mommy-blog,” but at least I am putting my work out there.  And if all of my projects ever do start to take over, or if this blog evolves into something larger then it is right now, I want it to be made known right now that if it is getting in the way of my joy or my appreciation for life or my ability to spend quality time and watch my little being transform…someone sound the alarm.  Please.


And on that note, I bring you my latest project:

I’m currently titling it “The El Monte Project”  although that may change in the future.  This project is going to take a long time and is just in its infancy stage, so I don’t have a lot to share with you at the moment, but I will in the future.

The project involves cataloguing, recording, photographing, and then illustrating every species of plant on my Grandparents property.   How do I tell you everything in a few sentences about how epic and awesomely large and special this project is?  How my Grandpa built the house with his hands over fifty years ago.  How my Grandma has filled the house and hillside with hundreds and hundreds of different plants, each with a different history, a story behind each one.  How some of the irises were actually bred by my Great-Grandfather.  How Christmas trees planted forty years ago have now become sixty-foot giants that quietly have taken watch over their property.  I can’t tell you it all here, but perhaps my project can someday.

So, every Thursday, I will be heading over to their property until the project reaches completion.  I am thinking it will take a year, because we will want to catch all the flowers in their bloom.


This is an Orchid Flower from the Bauhinia Veriegata

Evernote Snapshot 20130620 094424


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