Quote Collaboration

In this painting, I was just experimenting with an old technique I learned from high school where you paint with rubber cement, then paint on top of that rubber cement and voila! the white from the paper remains. So, I handpainted out this quote by Joseph Campbell and then had Madelyne paint with diluted acrylics over top, and then I rubbed off the rubber cement. It was a fun project, I highly recommend this if you have kids. You could also use watercolors, which is less dangerous.

I’ve decided not to sell this painting, unless someone is interested because I am not sure it is quiet up to the quality that I want. I think I need to work on the text a bit.

That being said:

As far as the quote goes, it really resonates with me. Listening to the news and seeing the sorrow around us can be overwhelming. Even sometimes just the stressors and added craziness in our own lives can seem overwhelming. However, we make a choice in how we handle the situations that we have been given. Our outlook on life is completely (hormonal and chemical imbalances aside) a choice. After spending a LOT of time moping and being in pain and struggling through graduate school, I’ve come out of it with a new perspective. I don’t want to live a life like that any more. Ever. I think having a kid in the middle of the whole experience really helped me gain a better understanding of my priorities and what really mattered. Maybe I won’t be a famous artist or a professor or climb any sort of capitalistic ladder, but I can choose to be happy. I can choose to make the art that I want to make regardless of whether or not I think it will be accepted by the “academy” or the “art world.” I choose to live in joy, to remain curious, and to give as much love as I can to others around me.

joseph campbell joy72


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