Flattop Buckwheat

Very similar to my interest in household objects, I am also interested in the plant life around me.  Growing up in Southern California, there is a very specific type of plant life and the plants are rooted in my memories of hiking the dusty hills, roaming around my grandparents open property, and traipsing around Camp Featherstone.  Yesterday, Madelyne and I jogged over to my grandparent’s house and on the way back I picked a branch of flattop buckwheat, which I incorporated into this painting.

Ugh!  I am so frustrated with my photography skills, and the delicacy of the painting is lost in this photo.  I think I will use a tripod and experiment some more.  One of those things that is difficult to do with a two-foot monster charging around.   One thing at a time, right?

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flattop buckwheat 72


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