Drawing Inspiration: Craig Thompson

When I first stumbled across Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Blankets I was in early college.  I was amazed by his imagery and even more than that I was excited to finally come across someone talking about Christianity in a way that felt really genuine to me.  I loved how how his artwork was about his identity, trying to understand himself, his faith, and what he wanted out of life.  At that stage of my life, I could really relate to that.  With his newest book Habibi, I could relate to his fascination with religious narratives and ornate Islamic patterns, both of which I was working on in my thesis when his book came out.  Here are just a few of his images:

Blankets_cover    habibicover




2 thoughts on “Drawing Inspiration: Craig Thompson”

  1. Great post! I’ve recently blogged about Craig as well and it looks like we’ve found similar aspects in his work that we found appealing.You’re right, the way he uses his imagery to explore identity is amazing.

    1. Yes! I agree. I have never felt more personally connected to a writer before. The issues he deals with in regards to his relationship with Christianity and his exploration of the relationship between Christianity and Islam are all things I have explored deeply in my art and personal studies. I love that he still seems troubled and amazed and burdened by these ancient stories that hold so much power and that have been guiding the decisions of people groups for thousands of years.

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