Long Hair and Arms Dragging

There are so many variables when being a mom, so many contradicting suggestions on how to give this little being all the care that they need.  Most of the time, I feel pretty confident in my ability to filter out all the noise and just focus on what my kid needs.  However, for some reason, the sleep thing has been a constant point of frustration.  My daughter has never been much of a sleeper and sometimes even the process of just getting her to fall asleep takes forrreeevvverrrr.  So, I guess that is what the dragging arms are about in this drawing.  Sigh.  At least she is curious.  Perhaps I will expand this a bit tonight.  However, if I don’t go out and push the little ty-runt (as my parents used to call us)in the swing right-this-minute, one of us may go crazy.


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long hair arms dangling 72


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