First, I have to say THANK YOU, to @rangerrick for purchasing my first painting on my Etsy Shop!!  Woohoo!  You’re purchase has given me more resolve.


For those of you with (or even without) children understand how life can be SO full of distractions (mine is just short, cute, and likes to barrel around the house like a wild turkey).  These distractions, while some of them WONDERFUL, can make it difficult to accomplish your raison d’être (reason for being).  Anyways, I think this quick little sketch says it all:


PS: Happy Saturday.  Saturdays are the day for most to revel in their distractions.  I am included in this.  I have a dear friend in town, and a sunny sky and I plan on enjoying it.  It’s all about balance, I guess.


Alcott Fate




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