Drawing a Day: Elephant’s Ear

My drawing today is actually not going to be for sale.  I made it for my “Grameeg,” who has been exceedingly generous to my family and I over the  years.  Receiving the generosity of others can be so incredible, but at the same time it is extremely humbling.  You really do have to leave your ego at the door and accept the help with gratitude.  At this point in our lives, I think learning to be humble has been me and my husband’s theme song.  We’ve received so much generosity from others as we have gotten back on our feet from the hurricane that I call our graduate school experience.  Not only has it made me more humble, but it has reminded me that connecting to others with love and compassion is (wait for it…) our primary purpose in life.  (Cynics, snort here, but just you wait…)

Onto the GARLIC.  The plant you see below is garlic.  More specifically, elephant ear garlic, which pop up in odd places all over our garden.  They look like stiff little purple pom-pom’s on green stilts.  Their necks twist and bend in weird directions if they aren’t getting adequate light.  As a kid, when I would run around, I enjoyed giving the pom-pom’s a satisfying smack.  I know, I was a weird child.  I also loved breaking off pieces of leaves and tearing them into strips, leaving the faint smell of garlic on my fingertips.  But, I digress.  These garlic alliums are steeeeeped in nostalgia for me, so when I found that the meaning (ie: Language of Flowers, Victorian symbolism of flowers) behind alliums were humility, it seemed like a perfect fit.  (Of course, now that I am trying to re-verify this source, I can’t find it…so who knows what alliums really do mean?) Anybody?

Also, I attempted to take a decent photo of the garlic in our garden.  (I love their little hats!)

humility alliums 72

garlic 72


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