I’m nobody, who are you?

Today I went on a run with my dad (yeah, my dad is super fit). Anyways, I was telling him about my blog entry and he agreed about the importance of being vulnerable in connecting with others (yes, he also is a psychologist…how did you guess? Oh, and my mom is a therapist too, but that is another story for another time). He went onto say that while vulnerability in one’s self is essential in communicating with the rest of humanity, that it is also important to acknowledge your deep interest in wanting to experience the vulnerability of others. Even though this blog feels a little like an empty void right now, I know there are people out there and I want to connect! Dear Void, or anyone listening to my simple ramblings, what makes you feel the most vulnerable? What do you hide behind to make yourself feel safe? Or better yet, what secret do you have that you rolled up in a sweater under your bed that makes you think nobody will love you?


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