Being a momartist, a martist, moartist, an artmom, an artom, an artommy…

As I was sitting with my little mädchen in my lap at the park and we were looking up at the tall pines, I realized how thankful I am that I am a mom. Being a (here I am about to label myself…eek) “stay-at-home” mom has sharpened and focused my artistic practices. As a mom, a lot of time is spent administering activities and guiding children throughout their day. This allows for a lot of time to observe and think about all of the things going on around us. I never noticed how many birds are on our property, because I never had to agree with a child 900 times a day that yes, there was a bird squawking outside.  Even the simplest things are noted and observed, “Yes, dear the socks must go on before the shoes.”  Which then makes me wonder, do they have to go on first?  What would happen if they didn’t?  And what else do we do that is so engrained in our thinking that we aren’t even aware of?  My mind slowly spins like this all day.  Perhaps it’s a way to entertain myself, or perhaps it is my artist lens approaching life from as many angles as I can think.  Also, children themselves are not only fascinating to observe, but watching them observe the new world around them is incredible.  I love how my daughter confuses “chin” with “shin” and “choo-choo” and “chew”.  I imagine making art on merging these words together.   There are only two things that I would change that I think would help make me a better artommy: 1) Better sleep…at 19 months, I realllllly expected my child to be consistently sleeping through the night and 2) I would love to have 10 additional hours in the week to work on my art.  All in all, motherhood freaking rocks.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there!


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